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Riaan Wessels

I am a Web Designer. I work on WordPress. My focus is on small business. I create a professional online presence for small and micro businesses. I own the small business called Le Petit Website

What Makes Me Unique?

I started working back in 1993. I’ve been a bartender, worked on cruise ships, been a VIP protection driver, even owned a small community newspaper once, called Resident-X.  What I have discovered over the decades is my desire to streamline work processes, figuring out how to improve productivity, how to leverage tools (online or otherwise). What I love about my job as a web designer is the process of creating an online presence for a small business, from their logo to their social media posts. All I learn, benefits my clients. And in my field, you never stop learning.

On A Personal Note

Although I love sports , running a small business consumes most of my time. However, I watch Formula One and UFC, when I get the chance. To stay healthy I do at least 50 pushups and walk a few miles a day. To relax I watch series, braai with friends and visit family. One day when I am all grown up, I’d love to get a Yorkie. I think I’ll call her Trixie.

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