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Service-area SEO (Service-Area Search Engine Optimization) is a competitive online strategy tailored for businesses that provide services to customers within specific geographic regions or service areas rather than having a physical storefront. Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC Contractors, Roofing Contractors, and Painters can benefit greatly from Service-Area Pages. When these pages are thoughtfully designed for specific regions, regularly updated, and supported by related ‘Child Pages,’ (ie Case Study Pages), they become powerful lead generators for obtaining quotes.

Google Business Profile Limitations

In summary, highly unique ‘location-styled’ pages become landing pages for Google searches. When people are geographically in the town where your business is based and then do Google searches for services in your town, they will find Google Business Profiles (aka GBP). If you have a GBP then you can increase your online presence in the town where your business is based. Keeping your GBP updated with images, offers, reviews, FAQ’s etc is crucial. However, if you wish to compete in the towns surrounding the town where your business is based, you should apply Service-Area SEO.

Google Guidelines for Service-Area Businesses

Google recognized this challenge facing Service-Area Businesses. Therefore, as part of your GBP information, you can add up to 20 service-area locations. However, this isn’t enough. By crafting highly individual Service-Area Pages (that need to be upgraded and updated regularly), your business can increase its market share to towns surrounding where it’s based. This strategy developed as a result of the Google Guideline for Google Business Profiles where your “service-area” is defined as “The boundaries of your overall area should not extend farther than about 2 hours of driving time from where your business is based.

Case Study Pages – Documenting Offline for Online Dominance

These “Service-Area Pages” have ‘child pages’ that showcases examples of work you have done for clients. I call them “Case Study Pages”.  Ideally, a Service-Area Page should end up with as many Case Study Pages as possible. Each page needs to be unique, with keywords applied. Case study pages are very deliberate with regard to their content. Documenting the work you do offline should be uploaded to the Case Study Pages. These pages should be better than your competitors pages.  Additionally, by applying creative keyword strategies and fundamental SEO best practices, the public will gravitate to your business.

Schema Markup & More

Schema Markup, also known as structured data, provides search engines with additional context about the content on a web page. This helps search engines understand the content more effectively and display it in a more visually appealing way in search results. Adding relevant Schema Markup to each page that correlates with a Google Business Profile Category informs browsers more clearly what the page is about. Schema Markup is a style of coding that clearly informs browsers what a page is trying to sell or explain. It’s the secret sauce of the internet. Equally important to the success of your website is: 1. On-Page SEO, 2. Technical SEO, 3. Local SEO, 4. Keyword Search, 5. Citations, 6. Link Building, 7. Review Strategy, 8. UI & 9. UX

Client Involvement (3 Steps)

1. Google Business Profile & Google Reviews

First and foremost, the activation of a Google Business Profile is crucial. I can assist with guidance, but it’s important for Google that the owner of the business creates the listing. Once it’s activated, you can add me as manager (I will show you how). I will keep it updated and make sure it’s ticking all the right boxes. Google Reviews are an integral part of success. Proactively requesting reviews from your clients via text or WhatsApp etc, is integral to the strategy. And it affords me the most important opportunity to convert them into Schema Markup for the Case Study Pages. Without Google Reviews, how does the public know if your work is of a high standard? Reviews convince prospective clients they’re making the right choice asking you for a quote.

2. Documenting Projects with Photographs

The success of the Service-Area SEO relies on original photographs of your projects. These images must comprehensively cover different project phases: the ‘before,’ ‘during,’ and ‘after’ stages. Photographs of the projects your business completed, should also feature your staff and company vehicles with branding, whenever possible. Images are powerful. Imagine you’re searching for a service and each website has generic images, or none at all. And then you find a website with great photographs of a team at work, with before and after pics. You’re more likely to gravitate towards contacting that business. Photographs engender confidence and can actually win over new clients. And these images engage a host of SEO mechanisms behind the scenes.

3. Project Specs & Stats

Furthermore, providing in-depth insights regarding each project will improve the success of the online market share expansion. These insights should encompass as many details as possible about the installation, including dimensions, technical specifications, and the rationale behind your chosen approach. In addition, where possible, sharing challenges your team faced during the project and describing how your expertise effectively overcame them, will ensure high quality content. Adding this information, with relevant keywords, to your Case Study Pages is of utmost importance. By providing me with project details, I am able to convert that detailed information into website traffic.

Your unwavering commitment to supplying the prescribed photographs, supplying details regarding projects and gaining Google Reviews will significantly contribute to setting your business apart and will be a driving force behind the success of the Service-Area SEO efforts. In other words, in order to increase your market share, your collaboration is required.


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