Please answer the questionnaire to get started. It will give me most of what I need to do your setup. When you submit the questionnaire I will get an automated email with your answers and will immediately create an invoice for you. Once the invoice is paid I will buy your domain and set up your one page website.

The setup fee includes a domain name, an email address, 12 months of hosting, a WordPress web page with all the info you provided via the questionnaire. I also add a WhatsApp button, the WP Rocket plugin which speeds up the website, a blog post with space for more blog posts. I make the website SSL secure, create a favicon and do basic SEO. This takes about 5 hours and it’s included in the set up fee.

After the website is set up, you can immediately start showing it to friends and clients. Any additional pages or edits are charged at R150/hour. This does not include any additional software you might want to add to the website. By adding more content to your website, especially blog posts, you keep your business relevant and help ranking the website with Google. A website that isn’t used and that doesn’t have regular blog posts will remain stagnant. A website on its own won’t get you more clients. Be sure to read the terms and conditions.