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Riaan Wessels the Website Guy

Independent Since 2015

Language is the programming syntax of the mind. Without language there is no construction, symbiosis, peace…or a future. Articulation serves the individual and the collective. Foster words. 

Web Design Testimonials

“Hard skills are easy enough to find. But taking that leap of faith to discover the right connections and maintaining an optimal working relationship is what I truly gained from collaborating with Ray Wessels. He gets the job done, full stop, and goes above and beyond all expectations because he holds his performance at a higher level. He’s not just smart, but is intuitive and hyper-focused and is able to see the larger picture. Outside of our projects together, he has further taught me how to develop new understandings of habits and how to fortify existing ones. I am delighted to call him a friend and absolutely recommend him for your next project.”

- Joey Gu


“Riaan Ray Wessels has built two websites for me, and I can not recommend him enough. Besides having a relevant, easy to navigate, and up-to-date website, his eye for detail and great design have ensured that my brand stands out from the competition. I’ve come in with ideas for a busy website with all the bells and whistles, but his insight and great advice have ensured that the end deliverable is crisp, easy on the eye, and clean. He brings value for money and quality to the table. Working with Ray is a personal and business evolutionary process. Teaming up with him has been a game-changer for my business from the start.”

- Lynn Uytenbogaardt


“I have been collaborating with Riaan Ray Wessels since 2017. In addition to providing me with hours of stimulating conversation about the world of technology and philosophy, Ray has built two websites for me. It’s a fact that people learn, grow, and evolve and with Ray’s help, I have managed to rebrand myself into something more authentic and indicative of who I am and what I do. Ray provides a superb, cost effective business. I consider him to be a strategic partner of mine and I trust that our professional relationship will continue.”

- Caroline Dale


I was trying to build my own website on experience I had with “old info”. After about 2 weeks’ of struggling, I accidentally stumbled upon Riaan Wessels Web Design, and trust me, that was the best accidental stumble I have made. Within a couple of days my website was up and running. The professional advice and step by step support I receive from him is worth much more than the price he charges. I am very happy with his service and would recommend him for any future website advice and endeavors any person would take on.

- Leon de Jonge


Riaan Ray Wessels is the embodiment of truth in the world of customer service. I have never met anyone so dedicated to creating honest and positive relationships with their clients and I am talking about the kind of person who is motivated by creating a mutually beneficial relationship more than they are driven by maximizing profit. #customerservice

- Diggy Bongz


“Thanks to Riaan Ray Wessels my life was made so much easier! I have not only made use of his services once or twice…in fact, I have commissioned three websites so far. I definitely plan on contacting him again in the future. You can expect friendly, fast, and competent service from him. He always answers my messages, and his response rate is great!”

- Chantel Pople Brand


I’ve worked with Riaan for 10 years now and all I can say is, what a creative guru this man is. Riaan doesn’t just top the charts when it comes to service delivery, but is a fountain of ideas, creativity and thought provoking initiatives. I recommend him to anyone who needs to take their name, brand or business to the next level.

- Kashka Walker


I’ve previously invested in so-called “SEO Specialists” who made grand promises but delivered little. However, after you’ve implemented Service Area SEO, my Google ranking saw a significant improvement. Ray, you’re the genuine deal. You not only met but exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

- Ben vdW


Riaan designed and built my website, it’s easy to navigate and very attractive to my patients. I often get compliments from them about it. His work is really fantastic and affordable.

- Dr Yolandi von Gericke


If you’re looking for a website designer then look no further. Ray is superb and has designed a couple of websites for us now. He has to be the best in Cape Town and is tireless when it comes to quality and detail. Thank you Ray Wessels, you’re brilliant.

- Paul Kelly


​Independent Since 2015

Riaan Wessels
Promotor of English Language
Stoic, Spartan & Scholar

Riaan Wessels

+27 64 170 1866
1 October 1974
Citizen of South Africa
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You can use Riaan Wessels to create your website, he is very good in his work and is professional! He has a good understanding of websites / social media and the “traffic” you need to your different social media accounts.(Maralize – Union Signs)

- Maralize Treurnicht


Top class web designer and very knowledgeable when it comes to SEO. No project too big or too small, always delivers and exceeds expectations. Keep up the good work!

- Benji Wright


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